1520 N. 12th Street 
 Boise, Idaho 83702

(208) 336-9872

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Marc Schlegel

Typical Sunday morning at the rack.


Worship Schedule
Sunday School: 9:30AM

Worship Service: 10:30AM

(Sunday School does not meet
Memorial Day - Labor Day)


A Little Bit About Us
We are located in the historic Hyde Park district in the north end of Boise.  We have an informal worship, with lots of good singing, an intergenerational time, thoughtful sermons, and a prayer time for sharing personal and group concerns. We attempt to take the teachings of Christ seriously, and live them in our daily lives. We believe in peace and in taking care of the earth.


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Mission Statement
Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship is a biblically based Christian church that values the sacredness of all creation. Within the Mennonite Anabaptist tradition, we strive to follow the example and teachings of Jesus seeking peace, working for justice, building community, respecting diversity, and honoring God's creation. We seek to celebrate God in our daily lives and as a congregation to share our joys, burdens, gifts, and differences. On this physical and spiritual journey we have chosen to follow God's calling by loving one another and by building God's kingdom on earth.

Our Covenant
Coming together as a Christian Faith community known as Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship,
we commit ourselves, as we are able, to the following:

-to enjoy fellowship and support, by participating together in worship, prayer, service, and play.
-to serve one another and the world by sharing our talents, resources, time, and abilities so that God's justice, peace, and healing might flow through us and into the world.
-to support the work of the larger Anabaptist vision which joyfully seeks to live out Jesus' teachings of salvation, peace, nonviolence, restoration, and care for the whole of God's created world.
-to value the attitudes of hospitality, humor, diversity, honesty, and openness so that we may give to others, and to ourselves, the same grace that God offers to all.

Church Facilitated Small Groups (CFSG) 2016
Thanks for all the participation in the CFSG 2016. People have said that they enjoyed the small group meetings and that the discussion was positive and affirming. Results of the weighting from the May 15 Congregational Meeting are still on the wall next to the secretary office door. If you would like to weigh-in on what is most important to you, See Rob Hanson for your six sticky dots. The summarized notes from the meetings can be found below in two separate documents. They are organized according to the questions used in the small group meetings. See below:

1. What do you most value/appreciate about HPMF?
2. What do you want HPMF to be like in 5 years?
3. When you think about the future at HPMF what are you afraid of losing?
4. When you think about the future at HPMF what are the things you wish to see changed?

CFSG 2016 - Questions 1&2
CFSG 2016 - Questions 3&4

Also included are the complete notes from all the meetings.
CFSG 2016 - Complete Notes

Please prayerfully consider how HPMF might use this information to guide us as we make decisions about issues facing the church like how we spend our offering, how to be a more inclusive congregation, how to better serve our youth and each other, and how to improve our facility. Also, please pray for the Leadership Team as we find ways that we can best serve the congregation with this information.

Our Missions
In these documents you will find updated guidelines for funding of missions projects within HPMF along with our recently developed guidelines for funding for mission travel.  We hope you’ll review these and keep them in mind as missions opportunities arise for you.  If you have any questions or know of a project for which you’d like to seek support, please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the Missions Committee - Rick Skinner, John Vance, Rob Hanson or Janet Buschert.
Faith In Action
Mission Project Funding Process
Mission Travel Fund Guidelines

Creation Care
Becoming an Energy Saint ~ Click this link to visit our current creation care project of reducing our average congregational energy usage. You will also find useful tips and facts about reducing energy usage, our congregational prayer for shalom for all creation, and favorite creation care scriptures.

Over the past year we have been focusing on the idea of Becoming an Energy Saint. By this we mean that we are actively working to reduce our energy consumption. This song "Energy Saint" is about the different things we can do to save energy and take care of our earth. The pictures that go with the song in this video show the specific things people in our congregation have been doing to try to become energy saints.

Mennonites for the Curious
Want to know more about Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship?
Click here. 

Past and Present
Easter of 2013 we took a congregational group photo. See that photo here and compare it to a past congregational Easter photo taken in 1986. Who do you recognize?

History of Hyde Park
In November of 2011 we had a special service about the origins of Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship. Roger Piper-Ruth and Tim Yoder were interviewed as two of the men who were part of the original voluntary service project of starting a Mennonite Church in Boise, Idaho.
To listen to this special service click here: Origins of Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship.

More About Our Congregation ~ Back to Our Future Document
During the winter and spring of 2010, the congregation engaged in several discussions with the theme "Back to Our Future". To see the results of these discussions: Click here.

Mennonite Beliefs
If you would like to know more about Mennonite beliefs read the Mennonite Confession of Faith.

Hyde Park Leadership

Sister Church in Puerto Asis, Colombia

Mennonite Links

Visit our fair trade store in Hyde Park
(formerly Ten Thousand Villages).

Selected Mennonite Colleges

To find other Mennonite churches with web pages on the internet, or anything else you ever wanted to know about Mennonites go to MennoLink.